In-Home Childcare You Can Trust: The Benefits of Working With Solving Kids

Childcare You Can Trust

Childcare You Can Trust

Finding high-quality, in-home Childcare You Can Trust is a stressful process in the hunt for caregivers.

You need to ensure that they have the appropriate training and certifications, an up-to-date background check, and are CPR certified. But what if you had a personal recommendation?

A friend who shares your values and whose child has grown up with yours? They understand the level of quality you’re seeking. 

If this sounds like something that could work for you, read on to learn more about why relying on a personal recommendation can be powerful when it comes to finding qualified childcare providers.

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What is Solving Kids?

Solving Kid is a family-owned in-home childcare provider in Rockville, MD. What sets Solving Kids apart from the rest of the competition is their focus on personalized child care. 

The caregivers at Solving Kids have not only gone through an extensive background check and TB test.

But they also have to go through a four-hour training program to learn all about every individual child they’ll be caring for, how to care for them, and how to develop the best relationship with them.

So your child will feel safe and well-loved. Each family is assigned a personal child care expert who will not only live in your home but will interact with your children daily. This allows you to leave for work and work and not worry about anything but your child.

The Benefits of Choosing Solving Kids

Solving Kids is a fantastic and fun choice for working parents. Solving Kids works with families from all over the world to create welcoming communities. 

First of all, Solving Kids is so flexible and welcoming. Their long waiting lists are testament to the fact that parents are delighted with their service. Solving Kids doesn’t expect you to work long hours at a single job and then work at the office all night on your laptop. They’ll also be able to handle any care issues or emergencies. 

Solving Kids will tell you when your childcare person is in the office and available to work on the days when you need to work.

Bringing Your Child to Solving Kids

In the long run, you are deciding which option to choose may come down to cost, proximity, and convenience. 

But you don’t have to decide at the moment. Before you hire a nanny or find a daycare center, find out what the following reasons are, in fact, the most significant barriers to choosing one childcare option over another. 

Childcare Costs It’s a sad fact that most parents in the United States can’t afford to send their children to the quality, full-time, licensed center.

The average cost of a full-time, licensed center is almost $10,000 a year. Because most families make less than $40,000 a year, this is a huge barrier. If you’re lucky enough to make close to that figure, it may be worth it to bring your child to Solving Kids.

Why choose in-home childcare?

For many parents, the biggest issue with daycare centers and nannies is that they are not as personalized as the home child care options. 

A nanny or babysitter will be expected to act as a mother, household manager, and cook for your child and your family. 

While many parents will find that this flexibility is not an issue, others might not. For some parents, this is a great compromise. 

Other parents find that it can be even more stressful than caregiving in their own home. Some parents will feel that they are constantly watched, judged, or criticized, and some will find that they can never relax.

Why choose daycare?

Daycare is generally more affordable than nanny or babysitter care, but more red flags are also considered. 

Naturally, you don’t want to find yourself in the middle of a feud, whether it’s a financial one between your provider and you or a rift of some sort between a parent and their nanny. 

While many nannies and babysitter agencies can be great, be sure to ask about any long-term grievances customers have with the company. 

Also, look for someone with experience working with infants and children, especially if you have a baby or toddler on the way. Perhaps the most important reason to choose a center-based care system is that the social setting, schedule, and consistency of a center setting can benefit your baby.


Regardless of how big or small your family is, there are many ways to make sure you can work and care for your baby, even if you have to work from home. 

Suppose you have friends who can watch your baby at home, ask them to do it.  If you want to save money, go to daycare. And if you have to work from home, take some precautions to make sure you’re not distracted by your baby or housework.